Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cute Commercials

I got to thinking about funny commercials. This happened the other day when I went out to an art event with my friend Karen. Not real sure how it came up, but come up it did. So here are a few of my favorites for you to ponder.

1. The Geico Piggy commercial

2. The Leon's Power To commercial

3. The Leon's Christmas commercials

If you haven't seen them go to YouTube and check them out. Especially the Geico Piggy commercial. Then tell me what you think about them. Which are your favorite commercials? Why do you like them?

As for me the pinwheels out the window and the exasperated "we're home" from the mom driving were the funniest parts of the piggy commercial.

The "Power To Turn Water Into Ice" was the funniest part of the Leon's Power To commercials. There were some other funny ones but that was definitely the funniest.

Finally the Santa sitting on the lounge chair and being bounced out of the chair because of his weight was probably the Christmas one I liked best.

So now it's your turn. Have your say! Like I said before which ones of these did you like/not like? Which other ones would you add to the list?


P.S. These three came to me right away. One came on shortly after posting this that I just had to add as a P.S. The Whiskas Cat Love commercial. The guy is lying on the porch getting a little too cosy with his cat. LOL.


  1. A funny commercial I remember from Blaupunkt:

  2. I thought something might "get lost in the translation" but pictures speak louder than words. ROTFLMAO.

    The very end was the funniest. I encourage everyone who reads this to copy and paste the address and see this commercial.


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