Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Marmot, A Mass And A "Memo"

Yesterday, for various reasons, I neglected to note in my two posts for the day that it was, in fact, Groundhog Day. This can not be considered a slight oversight as Groundhog Day has assumed, in my mind anyway, the position of actual holiday.

If for no other reason than one of the better films of fairly recent times in the greater scheme of movie history is, of course, Groundhog Day with Bill Murray. So much so that I even bought it with the idea of celebrating the day with a yearly viewing. LOL. That's the marmot aspect of this post.

There is also a "fantastic occasion of greater importance" according to called Candlemas. This is a religious holiday for Roman Catholics and Anglicians, etc so I won't go into it much except to say that if I was more religious then the idea of blessing all the candles to be used throughout the coming year as it does would seem "quaint" for lack of a better term. This is the mass aspect of the post.

Finally the "memo". I told FJ, in the comment section of my last post, that I would probably talk briefly about the details of "the funny" that I purposely left out of the post. I did this under the impression that it was more of a you had to be there moment, but well, he did ask. So here goes.

The three funniest words or phrases that people on the blogger coffee shop forum came up with that annoy the shit out of them were "that's sick", "bangin'", and especially "a whole 'nother". Like I said you had to be there. The nominators reasons really made it. For instance, the "whole 'nother guy was practically frothing pointing out that it would have to be short for "a whole another" which makes no sense. Truly. And he's absolutely, hilariously right.

So the "memo" aspect of the post is in actual fact a "in-the-body-of-the-post P.S." that made for better alliteration and the ability to use the law of the threes in my title and I'm nothing if not "pedantic" about my titles. Almost as much, maybe more than my spacing as mentioned in a long ago post.


P.S. Both quaint and pedantic were put in quotation marks because I wasn't sure - until checking with - that I had the essense of how I wanted to use the word right. I did, but I left them that way to show that there was some thought put into those words and using them correctly.


  1. wow very nice I like ur design I dont have any bad points btw is there a way I can get involved with that laptop per child thingy!

  2. Thanks David. I'm glad you mentioned the design. I had an "extreme" review site review me back in about August.

    They generally say that they generally don't like pink backgrounds or alot of different widgets/gadgets as a rule.

    So I wasn't sure about other people's reaction to it. I like my all my doodads personally. In fact, could use more. LOL.

    As for the One Laptop Per Child go to View Blog - Design - Page Elements - Add Gadget - Then Type SocialVibe Into The Search Box.

    You can read about my initial forays into adding doodads (Pimp My Blog from May 11, 2010). A upcoming post describes new ones.

    But back to SocialVibe for a second. Be careful when you use it. I somehow chose a second charity and now I can't use either.

    I kept it on to inspire others and now that you have asked about it, it actually worked out. Also, I hope to be able to fix it soon.

    Thanks for the visit. Come back again and check out some of the funny posts. I am now off to click on you. See you in "coffee shop"


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