Monday, March 21, 2011

Disaster Strikes/Museum Mishap

So I'm playing Cityville. I'm collecting coins hand over fist. I buy myself a museum. It costs 8000 coins! Then I decide to add a small piece of road mostly for aesthetics. But it looks funny where I thought it would look good. I notice this after I insert just one 10 coin road.

So I decide to delete the road. 10 coins for the road plus 1 coin to delete doesn't seem to much of a loss so I delete it. After that I click on my museum to check on what I need to make it useable. For anyone who plays you know that means ribbons, marble, etc, etc, etc.

Well the second I click on the museum - it disappears! All 8000 coins and 5 builds gone! Turns out I neglected to toggle off the delete button. WTF. I say WTF because even though I forgot to toggle it off, it shouldn't have mattered.

I say that because when I was getting rid of my 10 coin roadway for a 1 coin deletion cost it made a big deal out of asking me if I was sure. So where the hell was the are you sure prompt when 8000 coins are at stake. As I said before, WTF.

I'm sure it seems a little silly bitching about a virtual museum but geez. I guess I really am getting into this Cityville. The one good thing is that I seem to have reached a point where the coins are coming fast and furious so the 8000 coins don't really matter as much as they could.

Well, I guess that's all I really wanted to say for the most part. That and why so many permits to add land. Every time I expand my land the cost in coins goes up & the number of permits I need increases. God, just like the "real world". Someone sees you want something, up goes the price!


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