Monday, March 14, 2011

Jumping The Gun And A Few Surprises

Starting off a Monday, the beginning of the week with my 150th post! Nope! I thought that this was going to be my 150th post until luckily I caught sight of the counter a second time.

Turns out that when I first set out my draft posts I had two posts sandwiched in before this post that I counted because I was closing in on 150. But then I moved them to future dates for the sake of order and forgot about the "new" numbering. Well, at least I caught it before I wrote my "150th post" and had to correct myself later.

Speaking of my 150th post though as it is in only two posts I'd like to give you a little hint of what it will be about. I will simply say this - I plan to make it "historical".

Now that I've mentioned how I jumped the gun I'll mention what I referred to in the title as "a few surprises. My Social Vibe gadget had been stagnating at the same number in the low to mid 50's until, in what was a surprise to me, I noticed it jumped to 68. Thank you to whoever used it. As you should know, it does benefit charity. Feel free to do it again. And again. And again.

The second surprise I noticed at the same time which was during my near daily checks of the stats and changes (like the fridge magnet gadget) on my sidebar.

I noticed that there was one "sharing" of my blog with either Facebook or Twitter - it doesn't specify which. To whomever did that, I'd also like to thank you. Feel free to do that again too. LOL. I really wish I knew which readers did these two things. I do have my theories. I think it might be the same person. Whoever you are, do leave a comment that it was you if you'd like.


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