Friday, March 25, 2011

Huguette Clark

Being that my last post was about a 103 year old who just died I thought now would be the perfect time to mention a story I read about quite some time ago about a woman who, if she is still alive (it is a matter of some debate/mystery) would be 105.

Her name is/was Huguette Clark and so far as it is known she seems to still be alive. I say seems to be as she has for about 60 years or so been extremely reclusive. She is the daughter of former U.S Senator William A. Clark, a railroad robber baron.

As such, she also shares in common with yesterdays subject Dorothy Young that she is/was an extremely wealthy woman. Her estimated wealth is somewhere in the neighborhood of $200 million just in property. Mind you she is/was trying to sell some finally so she may be cash-poor. LOL.

Cash poor with $200 million or so in property. Oh to have the problems of the rich and famous. In all seriousness though, she is a rather sad figure. According to the authors who have looked into her mysterious life (particularly her later life) she became reclusive after a bad divorce.

She was only married once while still fairly young and the author of the story I read seemed to think the shame of her failed marriage and her grief at losing her only full sibling was the cause of her retreat into her own narrow little world.

I only mean to give a slight retelling of her story as if you google Huguette Clark you will be able to read about her in much more detail as she has an entry on Wikipedia as well as a lengthy piece by a man who originally went in search of details of her because of a rather wacky reason.

It seems of all this property she has (including about $100 million of it on Fifth Avenue in New York alone) she rarely spent any time in many of these many multi-millions of dollar homes. One home that she bought and spent no time whatsoever in cost almost $25 million.


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