Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Man Of Mystery, A Woman Forlorn

The tail-end of this post may admittedly be a little bit lame but I wanted a catchy title and the first part is kind of funny. I think so anyway. LOL. It all started with my friend from my time at Xentel, Debbie. We were talking on the phone after not talking in several weeks.

She told me she had recently quit. We also talked a bit about the other staff. Gossip basically. LOL. Anyway, she told me about a co-worker who she was quite close to going to jail and probably not for a short time.

Even though I had heard previously from her about some things that would suggest this wasn't improbable, it was still a shock to me. She also told me about another worker there who she oddly enough, for a reason I won't mention, lives in the same building as her moving ... to another (higher) floor.

Like me, she joked that it would mean a longer commute. LOL. The thing that was really funny though was when, in saying that she couldn't understand why I thought so highly of the person she lived in the same building with and another coworker who is quite close to that person workwise, she made a joke.

She said something along the lines that this person, who I am quite fond of, is "a bigger mystery to her than the Cadbury secret." The crazier thing is she claims to know the Cadbury secret so, this person may not be so mysterious after all.

 So that's the "Man Of Mystery". As for the "Woman Forlorn" that is simply me. She also told me that the other person that she wasn't sure why I liked so much thought of me as far as giving me a nice gift of a freebie from our former workplace when she was still working there & I had called her there.

They realized (too late) that I was on the phone & had planned to offer me something. That I didn't get the freebie/gift is not so much the source of my being "forlorn" but rather the fact that that person didn't find out I found out and realize how much I appreciate the thought.


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