Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Oscars and The End of an Era

I generally don't post on the weekends and I had personal award information to share yesterday in my two posts so I left my Sunday stuff that w/h/b posted Monday for today (Tuesday). I watched the Academy Awards for the first time in a long time on Sunday. Or I should say most of them as I started watching about 1-1/2 into the show.

It occurred to me as I was watching that there is a reason that I generally don't bother. There wasn't anything all that interesting to report. But then maybe I missed all the good parts. LOL. Anne Hathway and James Franco as co-hosts had back-to-back commercials for their most recent movies during the ceremony was the one thing that I thought was kind of interesting.

There is one thing I do like to take note of in the annual Oscars broadcast and that is the memorial tribute. Susannah York was listed in the memorial tribute. I don't recall seeing any of her movies but I had heard of her. I believe she was in Tom Jones. I was surprised to hear she had died as I hadn't thought her that old. She was in her early 70's.

Apparently, upon googling her, I came across a stupid protest she made upon herself being nominated in the late 60's/early 70's. She lost to Goldie Hawn for Cactus Flower. Basically, despite attending the event she supposedly was said to be offended that she wasn't asked if she wanted to be nominated. Then she attends anyway. What a twit.

The other reason I decided to check out this years show was I was hoping for either Jesse Eisenberg or The Social Network to win in Best Actor and Best Picture. Considering this would have been over Colin Firth and The Kings Speech but I wasn't holding my breath. Good thing!

Even though I missed the first 1-1/2 hours of the show and so I missed the Best Supporting Actor and Actress awards I figured out by the closing song the Supporting Actress award. I will have to google the best supporting actor if I want to know that as I didn't see any of the nominees on stage for the final song so I could figure that out too.

Now to the end of an era. There was a theatre in the West End of the city that closed after about 50 years. That was where I was coming back from when I missed the beginning of the Oscars. I went with a local FB friend that I met through a former local FB friend that I was closer to. We saw the Adam Sandler/Jennifer Aniston movie called Just Go With It.

I was pleasantly surprised. I always like Adam Sandler even though his movies often are not as funny as I'd hope for them to be. Nonetheless I am a diehard fan. This one was a little different. Although Jennifer Aniston routinely gets lambasted for being in crap movies I like her movies well enough for the most part.

As a result, I think putting the two of them in the movie was a case of the sum being greater than the whole of it's parts as they say. Neither always has a "strong" costar. I really enjoyed this and I can't really point to any one scene (not that I'd want to give anything away even if I was able to point to a special scene or two).

I will say that it had Nicole Kidman in a small role as a old "frenemy" of the Aniston character. I will also say that they had a "hula-off" competition that involved a guy & a coconut. LOLOL. Got not one but two free tickets to an Empire theatre (the only one I think is the downtown one) but did pay $12 for the ticket to the final show. Maybe that's why they are out of business!

So if it is the end of an era then maybe a better era, I can be glad that it isn't the end of the cheap theatre era (at least not yet with one of the original three in the city still surviving).


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