Friday, March 4, 2011

My Second Blogging Award

The other day I talked briefly about winning my first blogging award - a "blogger to blogger" award called the Versatile Blogger. I was so excited to win that award. So much so that I did something unheard of for me. I followed the rules. LOL.

I'll get back to those rules in a minute but first I want to say that you may recall from the comments section of that post that I may have came off as a bit of an ingrate or at the very least a little presumptuous by mentioning another award that I really wanted to get as well.

Turns out that my mentioning that other award, which is also another "blogger to blogger" award that I was doing a good thing by myself - putting it out to the universe just what exactly I would wish for most ardently. Two days later, and voila, a wish comes true.

The person who gave me the second award is the same person who gave me the first. I hope that doesn't mean that she is the only person that likes my blog enough to give it awards but rather that that is just the way it came about. She on the other hand got them from 2 places.

The second award, is called the Stylish Blogger Award. If I was doing what I had planned to do with the first one, before I had the trouble copying it the second time for the actual post vs. the new award section of my blog I would place it immediately following this paragraph.

I decided, for now anyway, to be lazy, and not try to copy either that other award into the post as an after thing or try it here now since I didn't do it there. So to see them you will continue to have to consult the awards tab/page.

Speaking of being lazy, that brings me back to me following the rules (or not!). With this second award I am no less appreciative or grateful. I am however less willing (able?) to follow the rules that go along with the award. Namely, the naming of fifteen worthy blogs to pass it on to.

The seven I gave had to pass the award on to the first time took some time and thought as it was. Also, I would like to pass this award on to different bloggers so that it spreads around the "love" a bit. So I am going to change the rules a bit, but not altogether ignore them.

My Stylish Blogger Award is from 7ladybugz too whose blog address is and I will try to come up with the (still) seven new things about myself that is asked. However, I will put off (for now only) the naming of the fifteen new blogs that I am passing it on to.

I will do some blog surfing in the next little while, especially now that I have, through the blogger coffee shop, come across a number of "newbies" that might be heartened to receive some praise for their blogs in their early stages if it turns out there is something good there.

As I find and decide who I should pass this on to, newbies or otherwise, I will add them to a list at the bottom of this post that will continue to increase in size until I hit the magic number of fifteen awardees. So periodically check back on this post [if only to keep me honest :) ].

Here are the seven (new) things about me...

  1. I just recently started to play Cityville on Facebook.
  2. I have in a very short time surpassed the person who got me playing.
  3. In starting the above game I went back to playing Farmville after a l-o-n-g hiatus.
  4. Before I figured out that I had blocked Farmville inadvertently not lost it through inactivity I managed to sign myself up for a Japanese version by mistake. LOL.
  5. I am so boring a person that I am almost exclusively making this about FB apps.
  6. To mix it up a bit I will say that I have nothing to say about Twitter. LOL.
  7. Are we done yet! :)

Now for the fifteen blogs that I am passing the Stylish Blogger on to...

  1. -----
  2. -----
  3. -----
  4. -----
  5. -----
  6. -----
  7. -----
  8. -----
  9. -----
  10. -----
  11. -----
  12. -----
  13. -----
  14. -----
  15. -----


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