Friday, February 4, 2011

Blog Lovefest Part I

Well today, I'm here to talk about blogging. The AAYSR people would definitely say %$#@, not again! In my defense, it isn't so much "blogging about blogging" but instead blogging about other bloggers. I had the idea of doing three in mind. But I've changed my mind and I'm just going to do my very favorite one.

First off too, I should probably give credit where it's due. And oddly enough, that's to AAYSR again. I hadn't been there at their extreme review site ( ) much since not long after my review in August last year. I decided to start with the present and work my way back in the previous posts to when I was last there. It just works better that way based on how they are set up.

I only got to the beginning of December/the end of November because of all the digressions I was taking to the reviewed blogs, the blogs on their blogrolls, and the blogs of those on those blogrolls too! LOL. Even after planning to avoid the reviewed blogs themselves (and therefore all that came after) until catching up on all the reviews. Aah, "the best laid plans of mice and Carmen".

It's a blog called It is a blog that is actually up for an award right now. If you like it as much as I did please vote for it to help the guy win. You can click on the link to the awards on the top right hand side of his blog. When you get there click on the European choice on the left side as he is in the running for Best European Blog. Hurry though, voting ends on February 20th and the prize is awarded February 27th.

When you go to vote, also know that when you get the nominees pop up after you click on the European option, there will be about five different choices. If you click on both the name of the blog or the picture either way it will take you to the blog to have a look (in case you want to check out the other nominees). To actually vote you have to look a little harder.

In the bottom right hand corner of the picture is a little white box. click on that and it will check it off and then ask for your e-mail which is required for voting so that they know you have only voted for each category once. In order to finalize your vote you must then check your e-mail and click on a link in the e-mail they then send you within a day (if you don't get it go back to the site and do it again). Then your vote will have been cast. Not that difficult really.

The winner of the 2011, 11th annual weblog awards or Bloggies as they are also known gets the astounding prize of 2,011 U.S. cents, or $20.11 U.S. But more important, are the bragging rights. I can't remember if Mr. London Street has won before or not. I seem to remember reading that he did. If so, it wouldn't be a surprise to me as, from what little I have read, it is extremely funny.

Now I have probably, no definitely, put the cart before the horse in telling you all about voting for his blog before even telling you a little about it. I will correct that oversight now. Without cribbing his very funny stories, I will simply tell you a few that I read that I think you should check out. On the right hand side again, a little ways down you will find a section called Selected Highlights, 2010 Edition - The One... Under that pick ...about the Other Side, ...where I explain the birds and the bees, and finally ... which contains shaved testicles.

There is also two recent ones. One is from February 3, 2011 called Chemistry. It is about a quirky friendship of sorts with a rather unique male co-worker. One is from February 6, 2011 and is called Running Mates and is an interview with a fellow nominee for a Bloggie Award but in a different category. His category is Best Entertainment Blog. The guy he interviews writes a movie review related blog called The Kid in the Front Row. You can link to it at the bottom of the Mr. London Street post. There is a companion post on TKITFR's blog where Mr. London Street is being interviewed by him as well.

Anyway, do check out these two blogs Mr. London Street and The Kid in the Front Row. Especially Mr London Street as this is the one I actually picked to talk about. The Kid in the Front Row is just a bonus because of the post on the dual interviews being one of MLS's best recent posts. Also, who doesn't like a movie blog. As well, if it wasn't Mr. London Street who previously won a Bloggie, then it was Kid in the Front Row. I know I read that one of them did. Maybe even multiple times. Well that's it for today.


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