Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Instant Beauty (Pageant)

So I'm watching TV. Channel 33. Or for those of you outside of Edmonton it's Slice. Something called Instant Beauty Pageant is on. They are at a mall in Victoria, B.C. The tv people picked five pretty young women in the mall, asked them if they wanted to be part of an impromptu beauty pageant with a trip to Mexico for two as a prize.

Then the girls/women got $400 to shop for a bathing suit and an evening gown and a time limit that I don't recall. It wasn't a great deal of time though. There was a lot of running around being done. In fact, one girl, the surfer gal even lost the shoes she bought for with her evening gown. Luckily for her, someone found them.

The funniest thing about the show is that I pretty much picked the order of the final eliminations exactly. The only one I got wrong, I got wrong due to sentimentality. Otherwise it would have been five for five. I figured the black lady was/should be the winner but I had a soft spot for the underprivileged youngest girl.

My first instinct about the beautiful black women was the right one in the end. In addition to winning a trip for two to Puerto Vallarta, the winner got a $1500+ tiara. That's right $1500+. It was really quite beautiful. It had "pearls" on top in addition to the rhinestones/crystals. I still think that my tiara (yes I have one) is prettier though.

I'll end this with another question. Would you be up for something like this if you were suddenly approached by strangers with a camera crew at your local mall? If so, what would be your reason? Would the lure of participating be the notority of being on national t.v. or would it be the prize they were offering (remembering that the beautiful, expensive tiara wasn't even mentioned)?


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  1. Even if you don't win, you get $400 worth of clothing!


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