Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Laugh Till You ... Cry

Hi again. So I was at the blogger coffee shop forum and I was reading about some non-blogging topics. They had me laughing so hard that I was gasping for air, my stomach hurt (and I mean really hurt) and I actually vomited. Yes vomited.

I didn't actually cry (this time) but the title would have been gross if I had made it more accurate. So this is just a little post where I am going to ask the question what makes you laugh till you ____________.

Oh, and if anyone is interested one of the two "offending" forum post questions I was reading (can't remember the other) was about words/phrases that annoy the shit out of people.

Now I could tell you what some of them were, but I think that if you aren't already a blogger member you should join so you can start blogging too and I can find even more blogs to read. Then you can find out too.



  1. Did you laugh until you puked? What did the posts say? Please share the funny articles, may be I could wet my pants... LOL.

  2. I prefer the word "vomited" myself. So much more "elegant" wouldn't you say. LOL.

    As for the suggestion, maybe I'll include a little bit about it in one of my next posts

    However, a a blogger member you should be in the coffee shop yourself. I'm a Level 3! LOL


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