Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Blog Lovefest Part II

On Friday I did a post called Blog Lovefest Part I. Well today it's time for Part II. I am doing this so soon after the first because I have yet again spent the better part of yesterday "blog-surfing".

I'll cut to the chase and just tell you that the source of today's blog that I am going to share with you (minus the bonus one that you got last time) was the blogger "coffee shop" that I have spent a lot of virtual time in lately.

The blog that I'd like to encourage you check out is one that goes by the name of http://findyourselflove.blogspot.com/ It is a blog of a young girl named Angela. Her actual blog's title is ... "to put it simply, it's quite complicated" - and yes the first word isn't capitalized. Her url is different so if you remember only one remember the address.

Her blog is includes several different things. She uses lots of quotes. She often starts off a post with a quote. She also takes a lot of pictures. She writes poetry. She also talks at times about her struggles and challenges with her somewhat more dysfunctional than the usual family. This time I won't suggest any particular posts to read. Just go on over and browse for yourselves. See what you think.


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