Monday, February 14, 2011

Two Times Two ... Plus Some

I got two new followers about a week or two ago and two new widgets at about the same time. This is the first chance I've had (or made) to "brag" about it. The followers are, in order, Sibi & karenchamchuk.

The widgets are Google Translate and a telephone translator that switches the number from words to numbers. Google Translate I hope helps me get foreign readers who pass through using the Next Blog feature. That's why it's at the top of my sidebar. The telephone translator is way further down (near the bottom) and is really for myself.

Actually, after coming up with the original title Two Times Two I got one more follower and two more widgets. The other follower is Acorn. The other widgets are a labels column and a new poll.

The labels widget I just found. I had originally (for the first two months of this blog) been putting in my posts. Then since they didn't show up - I thought it was an automatic thing which really it should be - I stopped adding them to the posts. So now I am going to have to add them for the previous 10+ months. A big job.

The new poll is also something that shows glitches in blogger/blogspot. I had an old poll which is still up on my sidebar but the results have disappeared. I leave it there to remember the question. So I got a new poll, which looks exactly like the old. Hopefully at the end of the polling period I set is over and a bit of time has passed the results of this one won't disappear too.


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