Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Have Arrived! But Now I Must Depart

Hey everyone. After that superlong post (haven't had many of those for awhile now - lol) yesterday, today's post can't help but be smaller. In fact it is going to be fairly brief and not just in comparison.

That is not to say that I don't have something fabulous to say, because I do. Something super fantabulous actually. It's really that good. Yesterday, I found out by in my email that I had a new comment. I always go to blogger to check them out rather than reading them in the email notification.

It's a good thing I do it this way to because if I hadn't I might not have noticed (at least not right away) that the commenter also became a follower. What is so amazing about this is that my newest follower, Sandra, who has a blog of her own, has 1177 followers. Or at least she did when I joined her blog.

When I came back today to get her address to share with all of you I noticed that in one short day she had gone up to 1183. So what exactly is so fantabulous. Well, how about just the fact that someone with such a successful blog would actually find and also follow me!

So I have as I said I have truly arrived. While I am mentioning Sandra I should mention that between the last time I mentioned new followers I got two others. I neglected to blog about at the time but they are 7Ladybugs and Anything Place. 7Ladybugs is the person who gave me the idea for yesterdays post as I had said.

I don't know much about Anything Place but look forward to getting to know more about them as well as Ladybugs Shouldn't be a problem: they both blog too. I also neglected to mention that I have a new Facebook/Twitter Share button on my sidebar just under my pretty new blog button I mentioned before.

Now I told you how I have arrived all that is left to mention is why I feel I must depart (until March 1st that is). This is my 26th post of February. In 2010 I had only 104 posts for the entire year. Therefore I thought that I should quit at 1/4 of my total yearly output in 1 month.


P.S. See you March 1st - a Tuesday.



  1. Sandra is a h00t too. Her blog & comments always provide a good chuckle!

    I can't seem to get over the 46 follower mark. It goes up and down but not to 46.

  2. Good job Ckrets... I just lost one, now I'm down to 62 but this time I think I know who I lost so maybe I can get him back. :)

  3. I have a lil something on my page for you :)


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