Monday, February 21, 2011

Family Day!

Today is Family Day here in Alberta. Not doing anything special. It's kinda cold. Also, I would have visited my mom but I didn't get the backlogged blogs done until yesterday night. I usually only go over there if it's for two days. Being Family Day, I probably should have made an exception, but it's a little late now. :(

So it's a pretty uneventful day. I did however go to join a new site and managed to follow the rules aboout posting a link box to their site. It is the pretty pink and white box at the top of the right hand side of the blog. Click on it and see where it takes you. LOL.

I also, finally, added some Blogs I Like in the list feature that I added but did not activate (or talk about therefore) immediately. It now has five links under it for you to check out when you have a free moment or two. It is near the bottom of the right hand side of the blog.

Other than asking, how do you/would you spend a day like Family Day?, I pretty much am done except to thank one of my latest followers with her help on getting the button up and running. I managed to get it originally but it didn't link. She noticed this and helped me get the code correct. Thanks very much Sue. :)



  1. I'm spending Family Day working. I'm all right with that though because I like the dough. Plus my honey is working here too (we're up in the oilsands). Even though we're working, the Calgary & Edmonton office are closed so it's pretty mellow.

  2. Family day is always fun, going somewhere and spending time together like a restaurant or a fun event.

  3. You are very very welcome for the help :)

  4. Carmen- I was here! Andy T. It took me a while.

  5. From Manitoba! We also had Family Day yesterday, the third annual actually, only we refer to it as Louis Riel Day. But it all means the same thing right: extra day at home to sleep in and deal with the kids. Going to check out some more of your blog. Just saw something about gummy bears! I'm on that!


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