Friday, February 18, 2011

Once A Libra...

Today I was thinking about just how soon the end of the month will be here. I plan to use one of, if not the last day of the month to do a post on how well I have been keeping (or not) my Chinese New Year's Resolutions.

This got me to thinking about something else I wrote awhile back (maybe even in the same post) about how the zodiac is/was changing and we were getting an extra sign. The new sign would mean, of course, rejigging the whole set of star signs.

Well, I didn't make a point to edit that post or post a follow-up at the time I heard this a little later (actually when I told someone at my old job about my post). It seems that the change doesn't affect/effect(?) anyone before 2009!

So I don't have to change everything I thought I knew about myself up until this point in time. Whew, that was a close one. LOL. Actually, it only makes sense that it would not be retroactive. But sense flys out the window when you "panic".

Anyway, just thought I'd let all my "peeps" know on a slow news day. Now you to can breathe just a littlle bit easier and not worry about replacing all your piles of zodialogical knick-knacks that I'm sure you have. :)


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