Sunday, July 4, 2010

Locking Horns With A Lockhorn - Not!

Well, hello yet again. This time I am posting a bit of a "vent". In my post from several months ago I think called "Outing" Family and Friends I talked about my oldest sister "Loretta Lockhorn". LOL. Obviously not her real name.

I must say though that that alias reminds me a lot of her and her husband "Leroy Lockhorn, Sr.". For anyone who knows of that comic strip "The Lockhorns", which I at first thought was called "The Bickersons", there is a pretty remarkable similarilty.

Anyway, the other day my late youngest uncle on my dad's side's wife, my "Aunt Lily" came to the city for a brief visit. She was only at my mom's house for one day during which me, and both my sisters and my surviving brother-in-law came for dinner.

It was during this visit, that I almost locked horns with a Lockhorn. LOL. It went something like this... I made some simple comment on something (I can't remember what as I was ticked off afterward & didn't remember).

My sister Loretta, as is her wont on more than one occasion, decided to get the last word like a typical oldest sister. It wasn't that it was the last word, per se, but the annoying way she did it that was the problem.

Whoever I was talking about (probably a celebrity) she decided she had to play the devil's advocate for. Her comment to me was "She probably doesn't think so". Now under the circumstances (specifically me not remembering what I said - LOL), it seems harmless.

I will assure you, however, I found it anything but. The snotty, I-know-better way it was said, combined with the childish, simple-minded (imo) sentiments of the basic statement itself just grated on my nerves.

I say childish and simple-minded because (and this is by far not the first time) this sentiment is so obvious. That is, if someone disagrees with you, like they obviously would if you were criticising them, they would "probably not think so".

I bring up this petty little thing because, well because, first of all, I can. LOL. I have a blog. And I'm miffed. I could have said something (not at all nice in the least as I have the exact words in mind) but at the time chose "the high road".

I left the "scene of the crime" annoyed with my self though for letting it go. I can't say for sure if it was a case (probably was) that I didn't want to start something in front of my aunt but I don't think the "high road" was so high.

I left feeling that I let my sister get away with being a bitch and I don't like it one little bit. Maybe I'm over-reacting. I don't think so. Being the youngest by so much, I'm used to bitchy, know-it-all comments & I think it's time I put an end to it

Once and for all. If that is possible. So my question to you is, with your limited knowledge of the situation (and my not remembering my exact comment doesn't help), do you think I am right to still have been so annoyed after the fact?



  1. I once was told that "people will treat you however you let them", the fact that the comment came from my ex-husband (the deliverer of all things evil, does not make it any less so. It is not a single incident but a lifetime of bitchy, know-it-all comments that are meant to make her feel good, its all about power. You have every right to be angry and hurt. However, until you say the words "I will not allow you to disrespect me any more" (you have to say it like you mean it though), the behavior will continue.
    I have had a similiar type relationship with my father at times and it was only until I said those words (believe me when I say, he definately knew that I meant it). There was no anger in my words, however my head was held high, my calm, ain't-takin-it-no-more tone, combined with the stern (evil)look directly into his eyes left no doubt that the power struggle had just ended for him, and he lost the game. I think that it wasn't until that day that I felt respected by him.
    People who continuously do this are generally very insecure and need to make themselves feel stronger by trying to control anyone who will allow it. You are not that person Carmen. When I met you in grade 8 I new that you were a strong, smart and secure person (Remember that day in English class!) Your sister loves you but she needs to be told that you, Carmen Tourney, will not allow ANYONE to disrespect her and that the game is over. I recommend trying it out in the mirror a few times so you can get the look of the eyes just right. After your done, tell her that you still love her but you are a grown woman that won't take any s%*t from anyone so its not just her.
    KICKASS C.A.T. thats you!!!
    Please forgive any gramatical or spelling errors. It is almost 4am and I haven't slept in 3 days.

  2. DANG, that comment was almost as long as one of your posts!


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