Monday, July 5, 2010

Neo-Counter 2

Well, hello again. A short post this will be. Just thought this was the perfect time to talk about my latest widget/gadget.

I have just added a "Neo-Counter 2" and not a moment too soon.

Tomorrow will be my 6 month anniversary of this blog. The AAYSR reviewers should be around shortly. I wanted some (any) kind of counter.

And any kind it pretty much is. LOL.

You see in the 10 minutes or so I've had it it has counted me (I'm assuming it's me) 7 times. LOL. Well better something than nothing, right!

I can't wait for F.J. to show up so I can get some international traffic.


P.S. In the time that I have been messing around with this short post I'm at 11 "hits" here AND 1 from the USA so maybe all the 11 AREN'T me.

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