Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Neo-Counter 2.3

Well hello. Just a short, silly post. Couldn't sleep. Came by to check if my Chilean friend F.J. had been by from Chile yet.

Turns out that not only had he but he left me not one but two comments (blogging gold!). More importantly, he told me something I didn't know about Neo

I seems if you click on the circle it gives you a little more detailed info. There are about 3 or 4 clicks worth of information for the taking.

I can see a map of the world that has colored spots and or pin-dots to show where in the world are Carmen Tourneyagio's "readers" (or passerby).

I can also find out what cities the "viewers" have been from and how long ago they passed through.

Unfortunately, it isn't sophisticated enough (like some I hear are) to tell how long somebody stayed. This would tell me if they actually stopped to look and how much.

Well, considering the Neo Counter people did the work of copying and pasting for me I guess I shouldn't complain. Not that I won't mind you. LOL.


P.S. Seriously, a big yay! on finding out this new information. Thanks again F.J.

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