Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Blue Skies Forever

Just a short post this time I think. As you can see, I have a new template. I was experimenting the other day for two reasons. First, I was using the computer at the library when I was away from home on the weekend and the pink background (very large pink background I might add!) was also a v-e-r-y pink background on that computer. A seriously shocking pick.

So I had to seriously consider a new background based on that alone. I mean if anyone else saw my baby like that I'm sure they might have run screaming in the other direction. It was the visual version of listening to a little kid scream at the top of their lungs. The second reason just cinched my decision to change it.

I had taken someone up on a tit for tat review of each of our blogs. I reviewed hers, so she reviewed mine. One of the things she pointed out (that I was actually willing to change - lol) was that my template was one of the very first ones that blogger/blogspot started with and that people were probably tired of it.

When I went to try out different backgrounds/templates I started with the one I ended up with. I didn't see a lot of fanciness in any of the basic ones and this one was both tasteful and not too bright as well as having the added benefit of having a sidebar that actually fully accommodates my fridge magnet gadget. Also, once I changed it I found the old one was no longer an option!

So, with going back to my very bright background because of it's familiarity (I had it for over a year - the whole of my blog's lifespan till now) not an option, I am slowly getting used to the new background. As for all of you, my loyal readers and any stray newbies that pass by, what do you think. I trust that this background doesn't scream it's "blueness".

Finally, some sad (blog) news. I seem to have lost a new follower. I'm not quite sure what happened. After all, for a change, I think I actually know who it is that is gone. It's a newbie! Since they just joined, I would assume that they aren't disillusioned this early so I'm hoping it's one of the blogger "follower loss glitches" I've heard about in the blogger coffee shop forum.


P.S. You may also have noticed that my titles are in grey and my archives titles are oddly colored. This is a problem with the new template. Hopefully, it's fixable... (crosses fingers!)

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