Monday, July 12, 2010

50th Follower - A Legacy Of Sorts

Hello again everybody. So I was on blogger help - coffee shop trying to drum up some followers and amusing myself looking at other peoples blogs there too (fair's fair). Well, I got sidetracked and decided to try my hand at copy and pasting again to get a hit counter. Long story short, it didn't work. Again. However, when I came to my blog to attempt the paste I saw, to my surprise, a 50th follower. Yay.

Also, this 50th follower isn't one of the few possibilities I expected. But it turns out it was/is someone from the coffee shop. He had stopped by once before to just read the blog and leave a really nice comment for me. I believe it was on the post Life At LiveBridge Part III. That is the one about my experiences as a telemarketer and the best of my calls.

Anyway, this person who goes by the screen-name Legacy2000 is my official 50th follower. As I can't use blogger's friend connect (as I've said before it doesn't work properly) to thank him I can just hope he reads this post. I suspect he joined because of something I posted suggesting another person in the coffee shop become my #50 and the thought appealed to him. All's fair in love and blogging, I say.

Anyway, welcome Legacy, hope you stop by lots and leave plenty of comments while doing so. Thanks again for becoming #50. Now that you are on board maybe you could give me some advice in the comments on how to get my last 25 followers to win my bet on getting 75 followers by my blog's 1 year anniversary. You seem like an old hand in the blogger coffee shop forum so I look forward to hearing what you have to say.



  1. Grats on 50 followers and thanks for the kind comment on my blog. and it might not be a special number but I like your writing style so only 24 to go now ;-P

  2. Shinju - thanks a lot. 51 is so a special number, it's #1 on my second 50 as I'm going to surpass the 75 I need with 100.

    As for my "writing style", I thought it was called "rambling" or "run-on sentences". :) Glad you like it. I really like people who like me. :)

  3. Aww Carmen, thanks. Your post in the Shop got me here today, which is when I realized that I hadn't seen your blog for a while because I wasn't already following. Then I thought, "If I follow now, I'll be #50, and she'll write a post about me."

    Now if you'll excuse me, I have some catching up to do.

  4. Hey congrats on the 50 followers, and the 51st follower :)

  5. Thanks Pfan. I am so excited. I am getting so much closer to my 75 (maybe even 100).

  6. Congrats on reaching your milestone!

  7. Thanks Divided Mind - I think you should join too. Once for each of your personalities to boot. LOL.


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