Thursday, July 1, 2010

Canada Day

Hi there. Canada Day was a bit of a bust. I had plans to spend the day at a local park - Borden Park with a friend who suggested this after reading/hearing about the event.

Event's conspired to make it so we didn't meet up. So I went home to spend the day quietly. She had to do the same as she lives in an area that is not far from the LRT but has lousy bus service from her home to the station I guess.

The event was a bbq in the park but my friend had to be on her way back home by only about 5 pm to catch the last bus. Isn't that pathetic. Bus service really should be improved. At least have buses run later if not more often.

Anyway, one thing I wanted to say about the event we missed before I go is how popular it seemed to be. I was reading a community paper at my Mom's (in roughly the same area as the event was held) and it gave estimated attendances.

It seems that this would have been the 3rd year for the event. The first year they expected 2000 people and got 5000. The second year they expected 7000 and got 14,000 They didn't say what the estimate for this year were but use your imagination.

Maybe next year we will get there. One thing is for sure though. I plan to get there early if those ever increasing numbers are anything to go by. I don't want to be in that crush of people for too long. LOL.

So how was your Canada Day?


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