Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Shining Example

Well hello again. I am posting now after a brief bit of inspiration. I am continuing to read Only The Super-Rich Can Save Us (the Ralph Nader book) and this time didn't take on the herculean task of reading the second half in one bite.

I stopped reading at about page 491 because it was just under the 500 page mark nearest a new chapter (Chapter 14) beginning. I mention the book again although it is not really my subject today for two reasons.

First, I expect people would be expecting part two of my review fairly soon after part one because I read the first part so fast. Well, that will not be the case. This book is densely written (good but definitely densely written).

Also, I just don't feel up to another marathon even though it would have been nice to say that I conquered it in just two sittings. It would have been a feather in my cap to say (at least in my mind) but not worth the strain.

Second, the book got me thinking about something else. Something entirely different that I wrote and apparently not a moment too soon. I typed in the title of this post after my daily (more like constant) check of Neo and before signing off.

As I was signing off, I noticed that I had two comments on the Lockhorn post. Now I know I hadn't read them because that post was a bit atypical for me, I think. A bit of a bitchy post.

So after blogger signed me off, I immediately signed on to see what these comments were since the post I next intended to write was a follow-up of sorts to that very post. Well, it was a long, heart-felt thumbs up from a regular reader and friend.

I would like to thank Maureen for her comments. Even though this post is from a different angle entirely I do not distance myself from my previous remarks. So it is nice to know that someone in my viewing audience can identify.

That said, today I wanted to present the other side of the story. Not directly so, but the other side of said Lockhorn. The kinder, gentler side. I'm sure I would have gotten to this point without the book spearing me on but it was a nice push.

There are specifically 3 or 4 things I would like to mention briefly. None of them is earth-shattering (neither was the original come to think about it though either) but all definitely show the other side of the story.

First, their is a two-fold kindness. Living as I do in a group home on AISH (a disability income) I don't drive and my budget when not working is quite tight. Knowing this Loretta is often volunteering to drive me to events and also has been my main avocado supplier as well as offering other little goodies to supplement my needs for non-house related goodies. This she even often does for not just me but the other ladies as well, in the form of items for all.

Second, although this one is a bit more of a mixed blessing (LOL) it still shows a willingness to be involved in my life even when it is not always the most convenient. Whenever the house and it's staff need a family member to come and be part of a family meeting she is the main one to make herself available. My mom does this too but at 83 years old she isn't the first one we will go to. So it falls to the oldest, Loretta, to pick up the slack.

Third (or fourth if I would have separated the first) and finally, there is the thing she did for me one day completely out of the blue and that gives this post its title, A Shining Example. On the day of the High Tea at my mom's church that I mentioned in the post I'm A Tea Partier she again offered a ride, this time to a friends I was going to see soon after the party. I told her that I was going to wait a little bit before going and eat dinner at my mom's to save my friend food money.

This brought on a short conversation of my friends circumstances and how she was having a very hard time of it trying to pay all her bills/expenses when she was also on AISH (disability payments) and had the added costs of living on her own in her own appartment. I wasn't sure what she was doing originally but as me and my mom were getting out of the vehicle she went into her wallet and took out some money. She decided, there on the spot, to supplement my friends grocery money that month.

I couldn't believe it. It was such a nice gesture. While obviously only able to help so much, the fact that she would decide and so quickly to do this was very heart-ening. Much like my mother who often makes "care-packages" for this friend this was an extremely nice way to show that people care and that others who you would least expect to (people who really don't know you well personally) would do something that was so nice.

So there you have it. While my previous "bitching" is in no way, shape or form being disavowed, I thought that people should definitely see the other side of the coin in this case. So thanks again, Loretta, for all the wonderful things you do to.


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