Thursday, July 15, 2010

Butt I Forgot About The Hamster!

Sex sells. I went to the blogger help - coffee shop yesterday after posting my last post and left it's title (Laura And Dildo Boy) on the thread about "what was your last post about".

Well, imagine my surprise when I logged into see my blog and the dashboard showed that I was up 3 followers in one day (for the second time now). I attribute this latest leap to sex selling. LOL.

I was just left wondering what the jump would have been if I had not, in my forgetfulness due to the length of the post, forgotten to include the gratuitous bit about stuffing a hamster up his ass.

Truth be told, he didn't but when I was talking to him and telling him what I was going to write I said to him something like "the only thing you haven't done to your ass is stuff a hamster in there". LOL.


P.S. I almost forgot. My three new followers in this order Ingrid O'Brien, Julie Childers and Jillian Johnston. Welcome ladies.


  1. Well you said dildo so naturally I had to read.

    I'm a dirty bird but I would never put a hamster there.

  2. It seems you've found topics for your next posts...


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