Friday, July 9, 2010

In The News - The Grim Sleeper

Well, not having heard from any of you regarding possible topics (yet) I am taking another look at the news. Only this time with a little more inspiration than before (and I'm dressed to boot! LOL).

The first thing that caught my attention was the story, out of California, about a long dormant case of a serial killer who was caught using a new technique that was pioneered in Europe.

The serial killer in question was dubbed the Grim Sleeper because the murders stopped for 14 years then started again. The suspect Lonnie Franklin, Jr. was found based on a new technique called "familial DNA".

Basically, they caught his son on a weapons charge and automatically tested his DNA and put it through the DNA database for all old crimes with DNA and came up with a "close match". So they then focused on the dad.

After surreptiously gaining access to the fathers DNA (a piece of discarded pizza) they came up with a perfect match. As usual, the buzz around the neighborhood was what a nice guy he seemed to be. You just never know.

In looking up other stories on the same case, I came across one of the less stupid, knee-jerk comments that suggests that all people and not just those who have been arrested &/or convicted have their DNA taken.

All though this may seem like a civil rights nightmare this person may have a point. If you aren't guilty of anything then you can go along on your merry way. If you are then it's almost a sure bet you will be caught. What do you think?


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