Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Neo-Counter 2.2

Well, FJ has been nowhere in sight yet and all ready we have a little bit of an international presence.

The count so far is Canada whatever. It's counting me constantly - although I do know from a comment that my friend Maureen has at least added to the count.

The bigger news is the U.S. is at 4. I know that seems a little low but then so would Canada if I wasn't being counted so often.

The biggest news is the 1 from Australia and the 1 from Spain. Yay! I can't wait for more international traffic. I'm spoiled now. LOL.

And as for F.J. - where are you. You do want a fairly high up place on the list, don't you? LOL.


P.S. Couldn't help it but when I went to find this post in the archives to look at it against the rest (for "pattern") I noticed my count went up quite a bit.

United Kingdom - 6, and Spain is now at 2. Woo Hoo. Bring it on Neo. (And no sign of Keanu Reeves anywhere. LOL)


  1. Nice gadget CAT, I think you put it to check if I read your posts when I say to you I've read them... LOL.
    Seriously, it is a nice gadget. (I just put it in my blog as well.) If I press it, I can see a lot of info, not only the countries.
    PS: I have been absent due to intensive work lately.

  2. Thanks for commenting on this FJ. You told me something I didn't know. I thought it only showed the countries.

    Apparently, someone (that would be you - lol) is a lot more of an explorer to have found that out.

    Oh, and yes I added it just to check up on you. LOL. Not that you are paranoid or anything. Not you. LOL.


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