Thursday, July 15, 2010

In The News - Cemetery Assault

Hi there again. Yes I'm posting a-g-a-i-n today. Somedays (like the 7th - the first time I did it) I just can't help myself. I become a posting maniac. Not that everything I post is necessarily golden but I just wanna post.

I was trying to think of something a little different than the last few posts to post now to keep things fresh and I decided why not dust off my newish feature "In The News".

I didn't catch much of this story. Nothing really except the headline but I found it interesting. Apparently some youngish man recently (in Canada I think) just up and assaulting a 60ish year old woman while she was visiting in a cemetery.

Creepy, huh. The only thing creepier would be if this happened at night. I guess that's why people don't go to cemeteries late at night (at least you'd hope most people wouldn't).

What do you think? Would you ever visit a cemetery after dark? Even if it was in the winter when it gets dark so early? Does the thought of a dark cemetery creep you out in a major way? It sure does me.



  1. In my country, there's a town (I think is Talca) with a unique tradition: some people celebrate the New Year's Day (I mean when it is Midnight) inside the local cemetery, with their dead family members.


  2. I refuse to step on a grave, ever, but am especially cautious at night. Superstitious? or out of respect? Both, I think. Dark cemeteries give me the creeps, which is pretty sad, I think, that we have grown up in a culture that treats death as a scary thing, and that isn't necessarily a good thing.


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