Tuesday, July 6, 2010

6 Month Anniversary

This is it. Today is my 6 month anniversary. And as I've noted in my previous post (a pre anniversary post today) I've started it at the ready with a counter of sorts.

Now if only the AAYSR people would get here already! I'm like the bride waiting for her wedding day (and hoping the groom shows up).

Not too much to say here, except to crow a little at the accomplishment of making it 6 months and having pretty much remained true to posting "regularly".

I question I do have, now that I've hit this milestone is, what kinds of stories would you like to see more or less of. Or are they all golden. LOL.

Oh, there is one more thing to report on this auspicious day. Along with the counter I now have a (cheap but servicable) digital camera that I picked up last week.

There was a really good sale on a kids version digital camera and the lady I was with at the store said she bought her daughter one and it exceeded her expectations.

So I will have to get her or my "tech guy" to show me how to use it and more importantly how to upload the pictures I take.

This is perfect timing. Now at the around exactly the 6 month mark I can start adding pictures too. Maybe the first picture I'll take is one of Miller.

I'll introduce you to Miller when I get a picture. He is so cute though. That I can tell you right now. A real sweetie.

Anyway, I think that's all for now. After posting so much in the first six days of this month (ironic?/a good sign?) I think I may have a bit of a block. We'll see.


P.S. I'm off (I forgot till writing this) to the post office to mail F.J his card - promised him a long time ago for winning the comment contest I mentioned ages ago.


  1. Let you in on a trade secret Carmen, ease with the lol-ing or else the AAYSRers might just rip you a new one ;) not that I don't use them....but only in comments or facebook :)

  2. grumpy - thanks for stopping by. I think I'll probably be ripped a new one for a lot of things - namely my pink background.

    I'm just hoping they'll say one or two nice things about the blog and spur some new traffic.


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