Friday, July 16, 2010

A Shameless Bit Of Self-Promotion

Hello everyone. Remember how back around my 75th post I promised you a special treat. Well due to technical difficulties it didn't happen when promised.

However, at the time I said that they should hopefully be straightened out by the 100th post. I am happy to report that they have indeed been worked out.

Sadly though I have to report that the content of said 100th post will be a bit lacking for reasons which you will come to see soon on your own.

I am publishing it as is instead of sending it back to the drawing board because I think that in it's own way it is pretty funny.

It harkens back to the experimental posts the me and my friend F.J. did on when we got each other to post a topic that the other one picked for them.

Nevertheless, because it first (and last - lol) struck me as a lack of inspiration plus shameless self-promotion I may have a second kick at the 100 can.

Oh, and self-promoting or not, please do follow the links you will find in that next post. I was hoping they would be there just maybe not so prominent! LOL.

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