Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ralph Nader, Great American

I was debating whether or not to go back to the original review for the Ralph Nader book that I am giving Part II of a review to now and title it Only The Super-Rich Can Save Us Part I so that I could make this Only The Super-Rich Can Save Us Part II

I decided against it for reasons I'm not quite sure of. It certainly would have made the reviews "go together" better but I guess I decided on the title I did because I really wanted to make the point that Ralph Nader really is a great American

Having finished reading the book in 4 sittings and failing at "sucking it up" as far as the crying goes (count another half dozen times in to the total - lol) I have to say well done, Mr. Nader.

For as "hokey" and full of (as two people on the website said) "wishful thinking" as it is it is very inspiring and motivational. I don't know if motivational is actually the right word. But inspiring definitely is.

There really isn't much more to say about the book even though it is so long and this is therefore supposedly on the last more than half of the book. Mainly, for me, this is because it is pretty "procedural". Yet in spite of that it is not dry.

I did not "get" all the political strategizing talk by far but that really didn't matter. I didn't skip over any of it as is my usual wont when faced with stuff I don't entirely get. I just flowed. It was compelling.

How Mr. Nader kept track of so many details and wove them back and forth into the story is simply astounding to me although perhaps it shouldn't be. After all, he has had probably 30 plus years to let the story take root in his mind.

It truly seems that this is the case. That it is the culmination of all his dreaming (in so much as a practical person like he would have to be to have accomplished what he has) of what could be from the time he started his fabled career.

I can't urge people enough to read this book. Yes, it is long. So what. Suck it up. It's a U.S. domestic political fairy-tale of epic proportions. It's a Cinderella story. Also, I was right before when I said it is ripe for a sequel. Pure gold. Read it.


P.S. For an aestetic (the right term?) he even includes a little "romance"!

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