Thursday, March 10, 2011

Apprentice Premiere

I had other things I wanted to write about so this piece about the premiere of Survivor last Sunday is just now being posted. Oddly, I put Survivor Premiere as the title by mistake at first. I say oddly because other than just being a mistake in general, it is quite the mistake since I really haven't watched Survivor since the first season and only periodically then.

I can't say I am a "must-see t.v." viewer of The Apprentice either but I was interested enough that I did watch the much of first year on dvd and that was the plain old Apprentice. I have to say the celebrity version is definitely something that I would plan around watching if I gave t.v. that much thought anymore. I don't even do that with my favorite, The Big Bang Theory.

I just want to say that in watching the first episode this year I was really hoping that David Cassidy would stick around for awhile. Naturally, he was the first to go. LOL. It was really quite sad the way they (and perhaps even he himself) made him look bad (sad really). He definitely has aged since the 70's - I guess not surprisingly as it is like 40 years. But really, he seems to have shrunk. Even 40 years doesn't have to do that!

If I had to pick a favorite from just one showing I would say of the women the ex-anchorwoman Star Jones or the (ex)-model Niki Taylor. If it were to be a man since it can't be Cassidy then I would probably pick the former baseball player Jose Canseco who seemed to take a liking (or at least have an affinity for the underdog) to Cassidy as well.

I think I will try to make more of an effort to watch at least a majority of this season. It occurs to me that my preliminary picks for favorites are based on having seen very little of the stars in question in action. Things change. I have learned that from past Apprentice seasons. Another thing I hope to see is Trump advisor George Ross on occasionally since the Trump kids are the main advisors to "The Donald" now.

What do you think? Or is Celebrity Apprentice even something you bother watching it at all?

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