Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Watermelon Wilts, Strasberries Suffer

So I am back to bitching about my Cityville/Farmville "losses". This time it was totally my fault. I planted crops and forgot the timing.

When you plant crops in both games I think the rules on timing before wilting are the same. The amount of time that a crop takes to mature is halved and that is the leeway time you have after they mature before they wilt on you. Crops are anywhere from 1 hour to over 2 days.

By over 2 days I mean they give times like 1.8 and 2.6 days. On Cityville I planted watermelon. I think that matured in 4 hours. For Cityville that is a mid-time crop. On Farmville, where I planted the strasberries (whose timing I don't remember) the times tend to be a lot longer before a crop matures.

Yet I still missed harvesting them. Now I have to rely on my neighbors to "unwhither" my crops for me. That could take awhile since each neighbor can only do 5 plots per day. I increased the size of my farm in Cityville and in Farmville because Farmville is more about crops its much bigger still.

Finally, I just want to share a funny thing a FB friendwho I met working at a now defunct internet cafe in the city had said when I asked him if he played any FB games. He is a professional comedian who is also the worlds fattest contortionist. He can actually put his feet to his cheeks and he weighs about 400 pounds!

Anyway,he said no. I told him about the farming on both Cityville and Farmville. Then he said to me, "Oh, it's like Grand Theft Auto ... with carrots!" I guess it kind of is. LOL.


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