Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Blog Fodder

Doing a lot of reading (both on the internet and through the library both in the library itself reading non-circulating current & "in-house" magazines and free magazines to take home.

Also have taken out a number of books to read at home including the "New Yorker" magazine writer and best-selling book author Malcolm Gladwell's (The Tipping Point) What The Dog Saw.

Another book I'm reading is Google Blogger for Dummies. LOL. That is actually what inspired the change to the new background template and possibly even attempt the music player.

Hopefully in the coming weeks and months you will see the product of my prodigious reading. For now though, I have some things already planned, for better or for worse. Most are short.

When I am done with the Gladwell book, I may very well do a review of it. I read his book The Tipping Point a number of years ago (bought it actually) but though I liked it, it wasn't "sticky".

That is to say I don't remember after all this time really anything about it other than the fact that it popularized the "Broken Windows" theory of crime prevention that was in vogue once.

Well, that's what's on the agenda in the near future. But before I sign off I want to ask you the reader, "What is it that you have been reading/watching (mostly reading) lately?".



  1. I have been reading blogs,writing articles and stories,reading my articles and stories and watching Glee, Skins, Survivor and Bones :)

  2. Just my opinion but I dont like music on the pages that plays automatically. Can you have a thing where you select if you want it to play or not? JMO

  3. I had considered doing it so that the blog reader could choose as it might put some people off from staying to look at my blog.

    The reason I didn't though is because the player is way to big for my sidebar and so it has to be far, far at the bottom of my page so if it's not playing then people probably wouldn't even know about it.

    I want to let people experience my musical "taste". LOL. It is especially hard for people to find because the bottom of my blog is 20 posts down with many posts being long. Such is the problems of being me. Sigh. LOL.

    So, how is that for the long answer. LOL. Oh and with the exception of maybe Survivor and possibly Bones I'm not really into the others.


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