Friday, March 25, 2011

Dorothy Young

One of Harry Houdini's final "assistant's" has died at the ripe old age of 103. She got her start as a dancer in the background of Houdini's shows. He noticed her and brought her to the forefront. This was shortly before his death and she actually left the show a few months before he died.

In and of itself this is mildly interesting that someone who was a part of this illusionist's history was still alive after all these years. What makes it more so is that she seemed to have been a person who went on, in some small way anyways, to achieve even more.

In the obituary I read, it stated that in addition to her time with Houdini and being a dancer, she was also a author of at least some small acclaim. It didn't go into great detail on that so the other thing that was interesting is likely to have been something attributable to her family (I'm guessing here).

She managed to leave $14 million to her alma mater. Now that is some legacy. The connection to Houdini is one thing but I am incredibly curious as to whether or not it was her own doing or family money that contributed to such a bequest. That's something we'll probably never know.


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