Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My First Blogging Award

Well, I just got through telling everybody yesterday about how my blog went from pink to blue. Now, as I logged in tonight to do some posting, you can imagine my surprise when I found out I had gotten an award! Yes, that's right. My first blogger to blogger award.

Now the award itself is green so I guess I no longer have to be green with envy that everybody but me has been given a blogging award. Before I go any further, to give thanks where they are due... A special thank you goes to 7ladybugz at her blog for thinking of me.

Also, in a six degrees of separation kind of way, I would like to thank "Marty", the person who gave ladybugz the award which she in turn passed on to me amongst others. Speaking of which, I should tell you the rules I am to follow to properly claim this honor.

First let me show you the award, which is called (I love this!) The Versatile Blogger Award...

My computer is not letting me copy the award here. More specifically it is letting me copy but not paste! I had already copied and pasted it to a page/tab entitled awards (cause I expect them to come rolling in now - lol). So look for it there until I can figure out what the hell is wrong here.

Now on to the rules I was mentioning before. Recipients of this award are to list 7 things about themselves and then pass the award on to 7 other bloggers with the same rules passed on. I am curious who first came up with the award. Maybe me, ladybugz, Marty and so forth could do a little "forensic review" to see who initiated it. I'd like to thank them too. Since getting this award, I'm so full of love. LOL.

Anyway, here goes...

  1. I'm seriously bummed out that I wasn't able to copy & paste my award here yet.

  2. I really hope I can find out who the originator of this award was/is to say thanks.

  3. Just like ladybugz I want to create my own award to give out when I figure out how.

  4. I love copying pictures of "lol cats" to my computer. I have a "bazillion" so far! LOL.

  5. The file names I use on my pictures are bizarrely long. Don't even ask me why.

  6. As soon as I am done this post, I am going to the blogger coffee shop forum to brag.

  7. This kind of makes up for recently losing one follower. But I still want them back!

Now for the 7 bloggers that I want to give this to.


To the seven of you, because I wasn't able to copy the award onto this post, you will have to go to my awards page to copy it. Do not be put off by the size of it. It is the only award I have received so I used the large size option that I was given when I placed it down with the paste button. I am sure you can reduce it to normal sized like most normal people would. LOL. If not then go to the 7ladybugz site (listed above at the top of my post) and copy it from there. Enjoy.



  1. Congrats :) It feels good doesn't it :)

  2. It certainly does! Thanks again. :)

    Now if only I can snag a "Stylish Blogger Award".

    Some people. Never satisfied. :)

  3. Thanks Carmen! You deserve many awards, with such an amazing blog!

  4. Awe. Thanks Carmen. I feel honored, privileged, yay! How did you go about picking your that I have help when I go to pick mine...

    This will be my 1st award really Thanks....really!!

  5. check your email....the account

  6. Thanks angela and especially Treebytheriver. I think my new template is amazing anyway. I also have a new 63rd follower, Leigh Ann for the one (betterindividual I think) who "got away.

    If you get a stylish blogger award Tree... could you pass it my way then! LOL. I like your blog in spite of it being a Christian themed blog. It is also nice for non-religious people as it isn't really super religious. Mostly I think it can be taken as inspiration.

    Filterless B-), congratulations on it being your first award too. It -is- exciting. I picked from a list I keep of blogs I've looked at and liked lately. I keep a written list because I've maxed out my blogger readers 300 blogs to follow on the roll.

    I also tried to pick a combo of big and small bloggers and ones who didn't seem to have this award. I will check my email right away as I love getting new mail. Again, I'm so excited. LOL. BTW, I hope you and everyone else was able to copy -and- paste the award.

  7. LOL you could have right clicked and saved it to your computer and then uploaded it to Picasa :) Oh well, guess what!?!?!?

    I have a little something on my page for you :)

  8. So where have you been hiding these past few days!?!?

  9. 7ladybuz - just taking a break. Haven't felt like posting. I keep trying to make myself but I'm just "not feelin' it". LOL.

    I have a whole bunch of stuff in the draft file though so eventually I will do them and backdate up to the point I get my act together.

    Hopefully, it will be soon.

  10. Thanks The Anything Place. I am so happy. :)


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