Thursday, March 24, 2011

The King's Speech

I took my mom to see this movie. As you surely know, it just won an Oscar for both Best Picture and Best Actor. This isn't why we went to see it.

Mom had expressed an interest in seeing it and since I like to take her to the few theatre movies she actually shows an interest in I had planned to take her for awhile now. The thing is though, I really wasn't expecting to like it much myself.

Even though I was a huge fan of royalty as a kid, I thought that this movie would be the height of boring. Surprisingly, it wasn't. I can't point to many specific things that made it more interesting than I would originally have guessed.

I will say though that while I probably didn't like it as much as The Social Network (which I was also unsure about oddly enough) it definitely is worth going to see I think.



  1. I thought the Kings Speech was good...could've been about 30 minutes shorter though.

  2. Thanks Amelia for stopping by and especially for leaving the comment.

    Although I must say I'm surprised that it wasn't on the Nov 1st post. LOL. Anyway, hope you come back and check out the blog again.

    I am heading off to check yours out now. Take care. See you in the Blogger Coffee Shop.


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