Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor Won't Be Tweeting Anymore

Well Elizabeth Taylor has died. Even though she was in really poor health for some time I wasn't expecting her to die before Zsa Zsa Gabor who was in seemingly even worse health.

She wasn't my favorite old time movie star. in general because of the movies I had seen and in specific because of her seeming attitude toward both Debbie Reynolds and Sybil Burton at the time she had affairs with and then married their former husbands.

I still think it is a sad day for the movie world as the number of big name old time movie stars that were around as far back as the 1940's is dwindling down to almost nothing not surprisingly considering it is now 2011. One thing I will say for her is she did stick by her friends.

Of course I'm talking about both Rock Hudson and Michael Jackson. Remember that in 1985 when she took on AIDS as a cause because of her friend Hudson it was much more controversial. Of course, one could say that with her career basically finished.

Also she was a multi-millionaire (she was the first female actress to get a million for a movie for Cleopatra I believe) several times over and her general devil may care attitude it was less of a personal risk. Nevertheless, being a famous actress for so long one would think that there is a certain amount of ego.

It was also courageous (or at least showing an perhaps admirable loyalty depending on your view of his would be guilt or innocence) to support Michael Jackson even after all the hits he took for seemingly being a child abuser because she herself believed in his innocence.

Not to mention that Debbie Reynolds could forgive Taylor might say something about Taylor (it definitely says something about Reynolds) and her ability to get people on her side. After all, Reynolds was quoted as saying not only did men love her (as she pointed out, her husband included - nice touch - lol) but that women liked her.

I personally wouldn't have likely been so forgiving considering they were actually friends when she did it and worse Taylor actually babysat Reynolds kids all the while cheating with her husband! I definitely don't think I could be nearly so forgiving as Debbie Reynolds. I'd be curious what specifically lead her to forgive and forget.

Finally, the other laudable thing about Elizabeth Taylor was her sense of humor. You may have read yourselves already but she left instructions that her funeral was to start 15 minutes after the stated start time so that it could be announced that she was late for her own funeral. LOL.

Oh and I guess I forgot that anyone who loved jewelry the way she did obviously lived up to the ideal of what a star is supposed to embody. Maybe that isn't such a good thing as she also was known to party with people like arms dealers in her time but she definitely had star power.

As for movies that I would recommend to "see her out" as I have with other celebrities that have left us recently I won't name three as I had for three other stars/celebrities that had died in short order that I did that for but I will suggest one. A probably hard to find one.

There was a movie from probably the 50's called Scent of A Mystery that also starred the late Denholm Elliott that was a novelty of sorts. It was the first movie,and probably last as well, that was filmed and shown originally in Smell-O-Vision.

At certain points in the movie select theatres were rigged up to release smells that corresponded to the action on the screen. Obviously, if you could come across this likely hard-to-find film it wouldn't have the gimmick it would still be interesting to see how they put a solid story into it.

Oh, I almost forgot. As for the irreverent title of this post, she was an older star who actually to her credit took to Twitter. This was a thought I immediately had. I wasn't the only one though. When I was looking at on line articles about the death a commenter on one said much the same thing.


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