Friday, March 18, 2011

Cotton Candy & The Avon Lady

Yesterday I wrote a post about a neighbor and fellow church member of my mothers that I had the good fortune to know a little bit who died recently. That got me to thinking about the neighborhood that they (and I used to) live in.

One of the more fun things I remember getting the chance to do in that neighborhood happened shortly before I moved out. It was about a year or so before leaving that there was a carnival at the local community league.

That year I had taken on (somewhat stupidly considering my lack of appropriate skills) the role of secretary on the community league board. It was through working at the community league that I knew about a community festival that they were having that year. It was my good fortune to help out at this event.

I don't recall if I had an assigned job originally. In fact, I really don't think I did. When I got there, it turned out that they needed 2 people to run the cotton candy machine! Yay! Fun. Well, yes in fact it was. An awful lot of fun in fact.

I wasn't the best at it (you need to swirl the paper cone pretty fast to do the best job of it) but I did a credible job. And did I tell you how much fun it was. Oh yeah. I guess I did! LOL. Seriously though, it was so much fun.

So much that even though doing that job all afternoon meant missing out on getting a free caricature portrait of myself done I would say it was still worth it. I do still feel bad about missing out on the portrait but I can pay for that some other time.

When else however am I ever going to get a chance to be the cotton candy girl. I even got to make it in more than one color. Ooh. I bet that makes you all really, really jealous now doesn't it. Well, it makes me feel a little special and that's what counts, right. LOL.

So there you have it. That is my recollection of one of my times in the sun. The other time I felt just a little bit special (I know, I know I am a sad, sad person. LOL) was when during my teen years I sold Avon. You might be wondering what is so special about selling overpriced junk door-to-door.

Well, the biggest thing that I remember from the time I sold Avon were the kids. When I would go on my "rounds" door-to-door in a area of about 6 to 9 blocks immediately closest to my house I would be toting a tell-tale bag. The Avon Lady bag.

Well, on at least one occasion as I was walking to the next house I heard little voices in excited tones saying... It's the Avon Lady! Yes, it doesn't take much to impress little kids apparently nor for that matter it seems does it take very much to impress me.

Call me crazy but at that moment I felt like the Queen of England. LOL. Well that's my little reminicenses for the day. I'll go hang my head in shame now at being a total attention seeking geek who revels and basks in having the quirky job (the cotton candy girl) or the impresses the four year old's job (the Avon Lady). .


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