Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Second Toastmasters Award

This should hopefully be a brief post. Just a little bragging is in order. I won my second Table Topics Award since joining the Kossowan Communicators a little over a month ago.

Oddly, the topic was, or at least what I turned it into was, Chinese New Years. This is something I was just talking about in passing in my last post that mostly had to do with entering contests.

My topic was supposed to center around goals and targets. I manuevered it to the fact that each year I do a three strikes New Year's resolution. First the regular, then Ukrainian, then Chinese.

I guess the novelty of the approach was what won the day so to speak. I plan to keep a running total of when I win the award and see if I can get it 5 times in this Toastmaster year.

I'm sure this seems a little lame, but such is life in my little world. I live for little things like this. I can't tell you how happy it makes me when I hear that I've won even something little.

And at the Kossowan club, winning 5 times in the year might not even be such a little thing since the competition is definitely there and the topics aren't always easy. So wish me luck!


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