Thursday, March 10, 2011

Octomom On Oprah

Octomom On Oprah. Oooh. LOL. On Friday's Oprah show (which wasn't it supposed to end at the end of last year!), the Octomom, Nadya Suleman will be on with Oprah financial guru Suze Orman who is supposed to be advising her.

Apparently, Orman really takes a strip out of Suleman according to pre-show reports. She is even said to call her a liar to her face I believe! That doesn't sound like advice so much as it sounds like an inquisition. I have to say, stupidity aside I can't help feel sorry for Suleman.

Even she now admits that having all those kids was a mistake but she is nevertheless bound to be trying her hardest to be a good mom anyway. After all, the misdirected desire to have all those kids hopefully shows that she does at least really want them.

I don't know about all of you but I think if Orman is too hard on her, maybe, just maybe people will be forced to have some sympathy for her. After all, I would hope that people are more forgiving of even the most stupid of mistakes than they are of a self-righteous scold.

So if I remember to watch (as I've said before - even shows I like a lot I don't always make a special effort to watch) I will be sure to update you with the highlights (or lowlights, such as the case may be). Will you be watching?



  1. I head she was supposed to be on Oprah but I wont get to see it :( I will expect a full report from you then LOL If you watch it can you please update me on what goes down :)

  2. Sorry but I had a funeral on that Friday morning and after I got home to my mom's I forgot all about it. Maybe someone else who reads this (if anyone does besides you anymore - lol) can tell us.


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