Friday, March 11, 2011

Now That's Young!

Another FYI: This is also a backdated story that I read about at the same basic time as the "out of hand parties". It was actually reported a few days after this post's "byline".

It seems that there is a new youngest grandma in the world now. She is a gypsy woman from Romania named Rifca Stanescu. She is 23. It seems she was 12 when she had her daughter - not named in the article - and her daughter was 11 Rifca, had hoped her daughter wouldn't be as young but said that's gypsy life.

No worries though. They were both married when they had the babies as apparently that is also the gypsy way of life. LOL.

My source for this is the Huffington Post. It also claims that the previous oldest grandmother or grandparent was a British woman who wasn't named either who was 26. I don't recall it saying where in Britain or if the authorities got involved in either the mother or daughter's case.

In double checking my facts for this post I noticed another article from Yahoo Answers that cited Ripley's Believe It or Not as their source for saying that the youngest grandma was a Nigerian woman named Mum-Zi (pretty cool name especially considering - lol) who was part of a harem of a chief.

It seems, as hard as it may be to believe, that she was only 8 years and 4 months old when she had a (again) unnamed daughter who was also 8 when she had her baby. It didn't say how many months past 8 the daughter may have been but listed Mum-Zi as being the youngest at 17.

And there you have it folks, another strange story from my travels over the internet. So much more interesting than the local tv news usually. LOL.


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