Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tangerine Dream

As you can see I have a new template. This is new template number 2 (3rd template total since starting). I call it C.A.T. Stuff 3.0. LOL.

I also have a new music player at the very bottom of the blog (due to its size!). It is jam packed with music. Most people with auto-players have 5-10 songs on it. Mine has close to 100.

The crazier thing about the auto-player is that I'm not done yet. Not nearly done. By the time I get through with adding all the (mostly) 80's songs who knows how many there will be. LOLOL.

But back to the template. I spent a lot of time looking through -all- the choices of free basic blogger templates. Most were variations on the same things but two were decidedly different.

Only one (this one!) was something I would want though. I have to say that considering this was really only one of two really different ones and the only one I really liked, I truly do like it. A lot.

I can see myself keeping this one for a lot longer than the couple days to a week that I had the blue one. Basically, I feel confident saying this one is for keeps.

It comes at just the right time too, as I have made some arrangements to have my blog informally reviewed by fellow bloggers who I will return the favor for in the near future.

If there is any really good stuff mentioned (since these reviews aren't on each others blogs but in the blogger forum) I will tell you about it. Basically by good stuff I mean interesting or funny.

So, what are your first thoughts on the template. I personally think the paisley design is reminiscent of the 1960's and that is when I was born. So it is somewhat appropriate. LOL.

Oh, and if you hate the autoplayer then there is a mute "button" on it. If that doesn't work (it should) then just turn down the sound on your computer. Personally, I love the 80's. :)


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  1. Nice design, as you said, reminiscent of the sixties. But I prefer pink color.


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